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Long before the discovery of electricity or the pumping in of natural gas to the home for cooking, brick ovens and earthen ovens were used for thousands of years.

We are all aware of devastating events that can cut us off instantly without power:

  • Hurricanes

  • Tornadoes

  • Earthquakes

  • Natural Disasters

  • Man-made Disasters

We should all have a plan in place that will provide direction if and when a disaster suddenly strikes. As we have seen from Hurricane Sandy, it takes governmental agencies such as FEMA weeks to respond with aid. Gasoline quickly gets cut-off and rationed. Generators are a great source of power when fuel is plentiful, but what happens when it isn't?

Surprisingly, our ovens can be an integral part of your natural disaster plan:


  • Roasting

  • Baking

  • Sterilizing and/or boiling of drinking water and utensils.

  • Heat

Because our ovens are so efficient, a cord of quality firewood will last for weeks should the need arise. If you were suddenly taken off the grid for a month, or perhaps three months or more, would you be able to provide for your family?

Something to think about.