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PeelsOut™ Wood-fired ovens are not just for cooking pizzas!

Although our wood-fired ovens are ideal for reaching the extreme heats necessary to quickly and properly cook pizzas, our ovens offer so much more versatility. The versatility comes through our oven's unique design.

Our ovens are constructed of authentic high-silica firebrick using a special high temperature (2,300oF) refractory mortar. Our ovens can be cycled, that is heated and cooled repeatedly, without cracking or spalling commonly experienced in cast concrete ovens or ovens using standard brick.

PeelsOut™ ovens are thermally disconnected from the welded steel frame. This means the generated heat is absorbed and held by the large mass (1,600+lbs.) of bricks and refractory mortar. With less than $10 worth of quality firewood, our PeelsOut™ oven will reach temperatures approaching 1000oF. All the while, the stucco exterior and steel frame remain cool to the touch.

Complete Turn-Key Ovens Starting at just $8,500!

Our insulation techniques have their definite benefits. As an example, after an afternoon of cooking pizzas, calzones, flatbreads, etc., I often let the oven cool for an hour or two before baking a two or three chickens for the next day. My thought is, "I've got all this stored heat, I might as well use it. Right?"

After 90 minutes in the oven, I will remove the cooked chickens and then set the door in place for the next morning... Yes, the next morning! We are not done yet.

As I mentioned, PeelsOut™ ovens have a lot of mass - two to five times as much mass as the do-it-yourself ovens made of cast concrete. The more mass, the more heat that is captured and stored for cooking. If the door has been put in place after cooking the day before, the oven will still be between 400o to 500oF the next morning. This is perfect temperatures for baking bread, pies, stews in a Dutch oven, rib-roasts, etc., or allow it to cool for a while for slow cooking beef or pork ribs, or smoking meats using mesquite or hickory chips.

The list of uses is endless. In the Cooking Styles page, we will detail ways to use your
PeelsOut™ oven for maximum benefit and enjoyment.

- Donald Dugan, General Manager